HOHOTT, CHINA – January 18, 2019

A security robot goes on patrol in an Inner Mongolian region of China. The robots are equipped with panoramic camera, they can recognize strangers, sound alarms or communicate with people.

photo credit: VCG

LOS ANGELES, CA – January 18, 2019

Photo credit: David McNew. Striking teachers and supporters rally outside City Hall as negotiations resume for over 33,000 members of the United Teachers Union.

US-MEXICO BORDER – January 18, 2019 Photo credit: Guillermo Arias. Workers reinforce a section of the border fence, as seen from eastern Tijuana, in Baja California, Mexico, just ahead of a new caravan of Central American migrants trying to reach the United States, the first of which just crossed into Mexico.

Montecitorio Square, ROME, ITALY January 18, 2019 Photo credit: Nurphoto. Demonstrators protest inefficient climate policies in front of the Italian Parliament building.

YAMAGATA, JAPAN – January 18: Misaki Shigeno of Japan in action during day one of the FiS Ski Jumping World Cup. Photo credit: Atsushi Tomura


Viewing times in America for full lunar eclipse on January 20-21, 2019:

Peace ❤️


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