“Badass Chicks” from artist Donna Bates

Los Angeles artist Donna Bates, most recently at Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica, CA, has been delivering edgy art with themes of survival and independence for over twenty years. The Annenberg all-female art exhibit, “Life in this Ocean”, was planned over two years ago before the Trump resistance became a cohesive force.

War Paint & Curlers. Artist Donna Bates. Permission by the artist.

Christina Campodonico of The Argonaut newspaper writes: “American Warriors” wear the American flag majestically, like battle-tested heroines for a new era. Armed with arrows or capped by crowns, their hair strewn with curlers or wrapped by stars and stripes, Bates’ Badass Chicks radiate power and regality like Goddesses of the New World…”

Libertatis. Artist Donna Bates.

“We fix our hair. We carry our purse. We slosh through the primordial ooze with the slings and arrows to battle another day, and we’re facing a lot of disparity. It’s ok to go out there and do battle…”

Says Bates, 71, who hopes her paintings echo a sentiment of empowerment for the future.

WRS members look forward to attending future exhibitions with Ms. Bates.

See more of her artwork here.

Find the Official White Rose Society Website Here


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